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WBCJC is a Non Profit Corporation
Federal: EIN # 47-3811403
All Donations are Tax Deductible

Our mailing address is:
West Bay Community Jewish  Center
PO Box 7538, Warwick, RI 02887-7538
Telephone Congregation President Paul Finstein at his Law Offices: 401-736-2200

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 Join us in our Bistro after Weekday Services for breakfast

Monday – Thursday:  $3.00 include: Muffins, Cold Cereal, Coffee / Tea / Juice.

Friday: $5.00 includes: Muffins, Cold Cereal, Lox & Bagels, Vegetable Platter,  Cream Cheese, Coffee/ Tea / Juice.

Ask about a Breakfast Sponsorship to commemorate a Yahrtzeit or a Simcah.

Adult Education

As part of our community's commitment to lifelong learning, the West Bay Community Jewish Center will offer adult B'nei MItzvah classes.  If you've never had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or if you'd like to have the experience at an adult level, these classes are for you.  Sessions will be held every two weeks.  We will focus on understanding and  learning the Torah service for Shabbat and the Musaf service.  Learn how to develop a D'var Torah, and unravel the mysteries of Haftorah trope.  Rabbi Perlman and Alice Goldstein will be the instructors for the course.
An  initial organizing session will be held on June 25 at 7:00 PM at the home of Alice Goldstein (95 Kiwanee Rd., Warwick).  Please let her know if you are interested in participating and whether you will be able to attend the June 25  meeting.

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All members should purchase their own Siddur Sim Shalom:  

 Shabbat and Festival - $25.00 / Weekday $22.00

We welcome the unaffiliated, you, your family, and your friends  to experience how we can help you recapture your  Jewish spirituality.

​Join us for prayer, study, and  חֲבֵרוּת - friendship.

Social Action

Join our social action committee to perform acts of Tikun Olam by assisting those in need. 

Daily, Shabbat, and Yom Tov

Services are held at Tamarisk
3 Shalom Drive, Warwick, RI 02886
Friday Evening: 6:30
Shabbat: 9:30 AM
(See below to sponsor Shabbat Kiddush)
Monday – Friday 7:00 AM

​Sundays and National Holidays: 8:15 AM
​Yom Tovim: 6:30 PM / Yom Tovim: 9:30 AM


Since January, 2015, the West Bay Chavurah has been your all-inclusive, welcoming social chavurah for all Jewish people in Rhode Island! We have enjoyed each other’s friendship and the camaraderie born of getting together with old and new friends!
Our events calendar has been very active! Hikes/walks, jazz brunches, deli dinners, chavurah hosted concerts, talks, planetarium shows, vineyard tours, observatory programs, pool parties, and archives tours are only a small sampling of all the great things we have done.
Come join in with this growing and heimishe group of people on upcoming events!  Invite your family, friends,and community members to do so as well! We welcome all Jews,  regardless of affiliation status. Contact Chavurah coordinator Mark Sweberg by clicking on the link below, or call him at 401-248-5010, for more information, and to receive our weekly bulletin of activities and events.  Remember, there are never any membership dues or fees! Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Founding Rabbi, Richard E. Perlman